Who We Are

i Palestine -The international platform of NGOs working for Palestine, an independent non-profit organization that is primarily concerned with Palestinian civil society and non-governmental organizations, institutions, and any other entity that provides support to the Palestinian civil society, the platform work is not confined to a specific field or geographic boundary.

The platform was established in Jun 2018, under the name (international alliance of NGOs working for Palestine Ltd), it’s an organization registered in the united kingdom Number (11179228) with Headquarters in England and wales and an Executive office in the capital of Turkey Istanbul. the idea of ​​the platform came after a joined efforts of a group of academics and directors of a number of Palestinian civil society organizations and activists around the world united under similar vision about the necessity of activating the efforts of workers in the Palestinian civil society organizations, in light of the problems related to low levels of productivity and performance effectiveness in the system.

The platform primarily aims to use the mechanisms and tools of networking, coordination and cooperate among Palestinian civil society institutions and organizations, and organizations working for Palestine at home and abroad, in order to achieve high standards of efficiency and quality of performance, serving by that the Palestinian people's national and community cases. The international platform seeks to establish a comprehensive coordination framework for all non-governmental organizations working in the Palestinian affairs in all fields, wherever they may be and whatever their mechanism of action. The platform takes upon itself the task of upgrading the Palestinian civil society through the use of all potentials and capabilities in order to serve the Palestinian citizen primarily.


Our Goals

    • Achieve optimal guidance for civil society organizations working for Palestine around the world, serving our societal and national goals.
    • Invest in institutions efforts and ensuring the effectiveness of performance in serving and promoting the national issues of the Palestinian people.
    • Linking and networking between organizations, bodies and personalities working for Palestine, and between the system of influential institutions and organizations around the world.
    • Support the rights of the Palestinian people within a clear vision to create an effective and influential pressure force in the national decision-making and address the international community.

Policies and ethics of work:

    •  An independent institution disciplined by the rules of administrative work, financially capable of self-sufficiency.
    •  A disciplined institution of Palestinian national values capable of disseminating these values in a global atmosphere.
    •  It has an active and distinguishes role, and outstanding international relations, representing a point of convergence between the institutions on local and international level.
    • Follow-up and ensure the effective performance of organizations and institutions and their commitment to the national and social issues of the Palestinian people.
    • Achieve horizontal expansion among institutions working for Palestine, and vertical expansion through increasing the number of partnerships and relationships for the institution.
    • Collect information and build data base systems related to the Palestinian civil society organizations working for Palestine in various areas.
    • To deal with regional and international media, academic and legal institutions and bodies, and provide them with purely objective information and data away from distortion and deviation, and to represent the platform before international regional organizations and media.
    • Publish studies, periodic and annual reports, organize seminars and workshops, organize media campaigns and participate with others in any other activities that contribute to achieving the platform's work objectives at all national, regional and international levels.


The International Platform of NGOs working for Palestine seeks to establish a comprehensive representative and coordination framework for all organisations and institutions working for Palestine in all fields, wherever they may be and whatever their mechanism of work. This framework is considered as a tool for enhancing communication, coordination, networking and cooperation and access between various institutions and civil society organisations interested in community and national affairs.


The International Platform Of NGOs working for Palestine takes upon itself the task of upgrading the Palestinian civil society through the use of all the potentials, capabilities, and gathering all efforts and activating them to serve the citizen in the first place, to be able to achieve an influencing factor and networking, to have a real representative status that brings together the segments of Palestinian civil society in all its places of residence.