Crowdfunding Platforms began to emerge in early 2008. This idea started as a revolution in the world of finance and exchange of funds and raised around the world. It has contributed substantially to increasing financial freedoms and the speed of obtaining the necessary financing without resorting to traditional procedures and methods. These platform has come as an outlet for tens of thousands of creators, entrepreneurs, various organizations, foundations, campaigns and entrepreneurs that have benefited millions of people.
In short, crowdfunding is a new approach to obtaining funding, by going directly to people and the donor community around the world via the Internet through special digital platforms and sites, and asking them for funding to serve an initiative or a proposed project.
Many donors and institutions often exert pressure on entrepreneurs and startups that amount to extortion and the imposition of agendas and policies on them, many of these people are under pressure due to lack of funding opportunities, especially in the Arab region, therefore, the real objectives of these projects are lost and institutions become subject to the policies of the financier and the donor resulting in wasting brilliant ideas.
Crowdfunding simply enables dispensing of donor funding by going directly to the general public, eliminating the burdens of meeting the complex and difficult conditions imposed by donors, causing the death of ideas, projects and initiatives that needed to who believe in them and provide support and assistance.
If we take the side of support provided to charitable, relief or humanitarian institutions, especially in the Arab region for example, we are fully aware of the negative impact of the funders' agenda in derailing the goals of the institutions and recruiting them for non-humanitarian objectives. Here crowdfunding offers a radical solution to this problem. It allows for independent funding, overcomes the difficulties and complexities of funding from traditional institutions, and opens the way for funding through online public donations around the world.
Managing crowdfunding platforms
Initially, crowdfunding can be obtained by searching for the best platform and website suitable for the idea and nature of the project and the implementing agency, selecting a platform from hundreds of sites around the world, and launching a page on the idea of the campaign or project to be implemented in order to reach the segment of supporters and donors around When the campaign is successful, the platform will transfer the collected money to the campaign owner (after deducting 8% of it in favor of the platform, in which many of the platform are free).
Crowdfunding campaigns require many efforts and skills in planning and preparing projects and convincing the idea, in addition to skills related to communication, marketing, persuasion, filmmaking, writing influential and professional stories, and a team of people with expertise and skills of the above skills. 
The other thing is to make an effort to bring the initial donor audience to these platforms, meaning that there must be a special audience and active social media platforms for the entrepreneur idea or project, in order to market and disseminate the idea, and when the idea emerges in the distinctive projects inside the platform in front of A wide audience that is directed by that platform. 
The idea of crowdfunding is fairly recent in the Arab region, where the first platform was launched in 2011, some of which specialize in supporting art entrepreneurs, including those characterized by encouraging community leadership, and special platforms to support and finance commercial and investment projects. Legal, financial, marketing and others.
The international platform for Palestinian civil society organizations offers a range of global crowdfunding and participatory platforms that are concerned with initiatives, projects and programs offered by community organizations and institutions, these platforms include:
1. Indiegogo platform:
Indiegogo is a global crowdfunding and participatory platform, not specialized in a specific support area, which provides services to projects and campaigns in all areas without preconditions for its funding campaigns on the platform.
As part of the platform's efforts to support humanitarian and philanthropic projects, Indiegogo has launched a service called Generosity.
Generosity allows you to start a crowdfunding campaign provided that it is charitable and humanitarian, such as fundraising that helps cancer patients, the costs of teaching students, or strengthening humanitarian efforts in some countries by non-profit organizations to be able to work faster on their goals. And many creative and humanistic ideas as well.
The value of donations on Indiegogo reached more than (800) million dollar, supported more than (19,000) campaigns and charitable organizations, (47%) of its campaigns were achieved by women, distributed to more than (235) countries and geographical regions. Its users (10) million users around the world.
Contact Information:
Title: Virtual electronic platform
2. JustGiving platform:
JustGiving is a global online social platform, one of the largest platforms for collecting and processing donations to registered charities and organizations within a system described on its website.
The value of donations on justgiving reached more than 4.5 billion US $ and supported more than (25,700) campaigns and charitable organizations around the world. Its campaigns have been distributed to more than (164) countries and geographical regions, with more than (22) million users worldwide.
Contact Information:
Title: Virtual electronic platform
3. LaunchGood platform:
LaunchGood is a global crowdfunding platform, focusing its assistance in supporting the philanthropic campaigns of Muslims and their institutions around the world.
LaunchGood is a place to support great community ideas, aimed at raising the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship, and stimulating greater thinking to launch and create community campaigns, programs and projects, whether for existing institutions or community active individuals. 
The value of donations on launchGood reached more than more than 94 million US$ and supported more than (8,500) campaigns and charities in more than (133) countries and geographic regions, with more than (486,000) users worldwide.
Contact Information:
Title: Virtual electronic platform
Phone: +1 313-649-7622
4. Causes Platform:
Causes is one of the largest crowdfunding platforms and online donation campaigns in the world, focusing on social, political and cultural issues, identifying itself as a social network for people who want to make a change faster and more effective.
Causes serves non-profit organizations and institutions that want to build their own donor network and raise funds for their special projects and ideas.
Campaigns and donations through the Causes website have exceeded one billion US dollars in more than (156) countries and geographic regions, with more than (186) million users worldwide.
Contact Information:
Title: Virtual electronic platform
5. Chuffed platform: 
chuffed is a global crowdfunding platform that provides financial services to charitable and community organizations or projects related to those in need.
The most common campaigns on Chuffed are for nonprofits, charities, and social organizations looking for funding for a particular project or program, or individuals and teams who raise money for a charity or nonprofit.
The value of donations on the chuffed website exceeded 23 million US $ and supported more than (7900) campaigns and charitable organizations, the number of users exceeds (224) thousand users around the world.
Contact Information:
Title: Virtual electronic platform
6. Mightycause platform:
Mightycause (formerly Razoo) is a leading online fundraising platform, with a pioneering legacy of charitable philanthropy, established as a platform for fundraising for nonprofits and empowering under-funded institutions.
Alongside profitable projects, the site focuses on non-profit fundraising, the website divides fundraising into four main categories: non-profit organizations, companies, foundations and individuals, each with its own nature.
The funds raised by Mightycause have exceeded 600 US $ million and have supported more than (150,000) cases in its 10 years of operation around the world, a worldwide campaign and charity.
Contact Information:
Title: Virtual electronic platform
Phone: + 1-202-800-1618
7. YallaGive platform:
YallaGive is a newly established Arabic online fundraising and crowdfunding platform that offers crowdfunding and online fundraising services to our members around the world, using innovative fundraising methods and providing reliable services to both donors and those in need.
The funds raised by YallaGive more than 400,000 US $ supported by (36) campaigns, with more than (449) supporters and users worldwide. 
Contact Information:
Title: Virtual electronic platform
Phone: +971 50 934 9693
8. Buildpalestine platform:
buildpalestine is a newly established Palestinian crowdfunding platform that specializes in supporting projects that have a positive impact on Palestinian society by forming a link between supporters around the world and Palestinian projects. 
The main objective of this platform is to contribute to supporting the environment of innovation and creativity in Palestinian society, the mechanism of its work is to rely on the study of the needs and problems of the community, and then build a successful campaign for the resulting projects, to obtain the required support.
The value of donations through buildpalestine exceeded (250) thousand US dollars, supported (24) projects, in (13) countries, and the number of users exceeds (2100) supporters and users around the world. The platform now has a partnership with the LaunchGood site mentioned earlier.
Contact Information:
Address: Virtual electronic platform - Ramallah / Palestine