London December 21, 2021 - London-based "iPalsteine" announced the resumption of its work after an Israeli campaign targeting the platform and its workers, which compelled the organization to suspend its work in 2020.

In September 2020, the International Platform of NGO’s Working for Palestine, iPalsteine announced the suspension of its operations due to Israeli accusations and designation of iPalestine as a hostile institution with “link to terrorism”. This designation posed a threat to the work and legal standing of the platform’s partner institutions in Palestine. The organization’s move to suspend was intended to protect its partners in Palestine and circumvent any Israeli attempt to hamper their work.

iPalsteine Chairman, Khalid Turaani, said “Over the past year, our platform has worked closely with lawyers, various international partners and friends in the EU Parliament in order to refute the Israeli accusations and request clarifications and evidence to prove the Israeli allegations against iPalestine, which the Israeli have failed to produce”. Turaani further explained, that the many international bodies that were contacted expressed their skepticism about the Israeli accusations and their believe that the “terror” designation was politically motivated.

The Israeli campaign of incitement and vilification against iPalestine was recently broadened to include 6 Palestinian human rights organization, all of whom are older, larger and with a much longer history of challenging and exposing Israeli human rights abuses. The international community has become increasingly aware that the Israeli campaign of incitement and targeting of human rights, humanitarian and other civil society organization aims at stifling these NGO’s ability to expose Israeli abuses and crimes.

“Any new Israeli accusation will be vigorously challenged through legal channels, and we are confident that we will win any upcoming legal battle just as we won previous ones. iPalestine is determined to continue its work of supporting and advancing the agenda of human rights organizations and the role of civil society in Palestine” concluded Turaani.