Sports in Palestine has long been a major issue. It is an important means of fighting and considered as one of the symbols of the Palestinian identity, through which the world learns about Palestine. sports can be seen as the modern times language and a culture of value, it also promotes the elements of love and respect and recognition of the existence of the other. The Palestinian sport flourished in the early 1930s and 1940s the Palestinian teams started to take forms.  Palestine became a member of FIFA in 1929. The same period witnessed a remarkable development of Palestinian sport. Local official matches were held in many Palestinian cities and their participation in the World Cup qualifiers in 1934 and their loss in front of Egypt. Furthermore, with the events of the Nakba in 1948 and the subsequent events of displacement of the Palestinian people from their land, had caused the stars of Palestinian sports to live in the refugee camps in many neighboring Arab countries ,other effects as  diaspora and the subsequent attacks, wars in which the Palestinian territories went through over the years, sport has its fair share of the deprivation along other activities, The closing of Palestinian clubs and youth centers, the arresting of many athletes by Israel , or facing death with the ongoing war, also the lack of material and equipment needed and can’t be provided for the sport centers  because of the continuing siege. This policy of isolating the Palestinian people culturally, politically and sportively. despite the obstacles and challenges imposed by the occupation, Palestinian sport has always sought to be distinguished and always present. Sports activity continued under the Israeli occupation, and connections were established for Palestinian clubs in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip With the arrival of the Palestinian Authority and the formation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, which provided support for the sports activity and confront them with all the strength needed  for any challenges posed by the occupation to obliterate the Palestinian identity and deprive the Palestinian people to participate in any of the local or international activities.  Achievements have been achieved at continental level and the gain of international recognition, Palestine got accepted in the International Olympic Committee and received a membership of the International Federation of Football in 1998, and participated in the World Cup qualifiers in 2002, many of the Arab and foreign teams visited Palestine and meet with its sports teams, also the Palestinian football team made wonderful performance in The ninth Arab session held recently in Jordan. However, the political, economic and security reality still casts a shadow over all aspects of Palestinian life, including sport, which has exacerbated the need for the infrastructure of Palestinian sports, as it does not cover the minimum required. There are stadiums, and gymnasiums with simple facilities that are not equipped for playing sports, or training grounds, also the lack of trainers and Sports juries. despite the presence of a number of talented young people but the lack of experience and practice with the absence of freedom of movement and the prevention of travel to receive adequate training making the future of sports helpless in taking parts in the competition happening around the world in all fields of sport.