The International Platform of NGOs working for Palestine (I Palestine) has signed a cooperation agreement to support RUN 4, which seeks to improve the living conditions of poor people, refugee camps and the occupied territories by providing services in the field of sport.

The agreement was aimed at supporting and strengthening the youth capacities in these areas through developmental projects.

I Palestine has acted as a mediator in networking between a dilapidated sport facility located in Abwien in the West Bank-Palestine and RUN4 in order to rehabilitate that club to become a sports service provider for young people in the region.

Based on this networking and the above mentioned agreement, RUN4 is working on collecting fundraising, in addition to its participation in a sports marathon in Palestine whose proceeds are due to complete the reconstruction project through several stages of development such as building a playground, rehabilitate trainers and renovate the perimeter of the stadium.

RUN4 is one of the first projects supported by the International Platform of NGOs working for Palestine (I Palestine) for its prominent role in providing services to Palestinian civil society.

For its part, I Palestine welcomed any support and donation to help Run 4 achieve its objectives, which RUN 4 believe that can be achieved with sharing the wealth of societies as part of ethical human responsibility.

Attached is the organization's website link where any organization or people interested in participating or donating to the campaign, and also to help you get to know the Run4 institution better.