On March 22, the 7th Palestine International Marathon was held in Bethlehem with the participation of eight thousand participants from 76 countries including the Dutch Foundation “RUN4”. The participation was part of the Foundation’s work to improve the living conditions of the poor, Through the provision of its services in the field of sports through cooperation with the international platform of civil society organizations “IPNGO“. “RUN4” is supported and sponsored by the international platform of civil society organizations. An agreement has already been signed between them that requires that the proceeds of participation in the sports marathon be returned to the rehabilitation project of a sports club in the area ofAbwien in the West Bank in Palestine.   In the same context, Palestine Marathon is  one of the most important sporting event in the world, which is recognized on an international levels , meaning  the recognition of the existence of this occupied people and their right to freedom and the freedom of  movement, as well as the delivery of messages through the course that the participants cross in this marathon which  extended to 42,195 km , taking the participants through several different views of daily life in Palestine, passing through the steep hills and some short intersections in a spectacular scene unlike other marathons, starting from the Church of the Nativity in the middle of the Old City of Bethlehem, passing through two Palestinian refugee camps, Dheisheh camp, Ayda refugee camp,   also passing Along the separation wall, which the International Court of Justice in 2004 considered an illegal wall for the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967, it still exists to separate the Palestinians from their land and restrict their movement, depriving them of their basic human right to freedom of movement.   Many participants carried banners on their chests carrying their own messages and dreams, which they seek through their participation in the marathon to convey to the world, including their demand for freedom of movement and a decent life.The international platform and Run 4 participated in the marathon and concluded an agreement, that the benefit from the proceeds of this participation. that comes in the context of the main objectives of the international platform in which the platform seeks to achieve by encouraging the investment in national issues, also sharing the struggle of the Palestinian people by uniting the efforts of effective institutions in the service of the cause by “networking” and establishing relations between organizations, bodies and personalities working for Palestine along the system of institutions and organizations around the world. To achieve the best guidance for civil society organizations working for the sake of Palestine and spread throughout the world to serve our national goals.