09 July 2020

London - The organizations' awareness of how to survive in difficult circumstances is of great importance for both good preparation and flexibility. In terms of preparations, it is clear that the organizations which have embraced digital transformation and invested in technology in the previous period are now in a better position than others within the challenges posed by Corona pandemic. On the other hand, in terms of flexibility in the work, there has been an increasing trend towards reducing working hours and working remotely.

Digital transformation has become a necessity for Palestinian civil society organizations, especially after the spread of Corona Virus (Covid-19), as organizations seek to develop and increase the performance quality and increase their competitiveness. The digital transformation of the Palestinian civil society organizations means not only the use of technology within the organization, but is a complete holistic program based on the strategy developed in the organization to be the key driver of ensuring the success of digital transformation, ensuring that the organization remains in the process of progress. The change within the organization is not an easy matter, especially after many years of traditional business management in the organization, where employees are accustomed to certain business routines and procedures, which has led to many challenges in the digital transformation of the organization.

A guide by iPalestine that reviews digital transformation techniques, their benefits and stages of transformation for Palestinian civil society organizations.