June 19, 2020

London - The international platform "iPalestine" emphasizes the importance of the role of Palestinian civil society organizations in raising the voice, mobilizing energies to confront the policy of the Israeli annexation, and strengthening the resilience of the Palestinian citizen in the face of the attacks and violations practiced by the occupation at all levels and in all fields. The International Platform calls on all Palestinian political parties and civil society institutions to develop practical and serious plans to counter the plans of the Israeli occupation authorities that aims to annex large areas of the West Bank and Jordan Valley to their sovereignty, ignoring the provisions of international law, international resolutions and bilateral agreements. Ipalestine views this act as an infringement on the fate and the future of the Palestinian people and their national rights to establish an independent state based on international legitimacy and the principles of the United Nations.

Israel's plans to impose Israeli sovereignty over 30% of the West Bank (Jordan Valley and West Bank settlements) impose a significant role on the Palestinian civil society organizations at this sensitive and complex stage. Considered to be one of the most important channels of public participation, civil society organizations are capable of getting engaged in the political activity directly, and its capable of establishing pressure groups through their relations with international and Arab civil society organizations to expose occupation practices at all public and official levels locally and internationally, and capable to influence public opinion in the national interests of the Palestinian people, and finally to confront the Israeli policy of annexation.

Civil society organizations can address Israel's annexation policy by developing a comprehensive strategy to which all organizations agree on, focusing on a range of issues, where the most important are:

  • Raising awareness among the Palestinian public regarding the risks of annexation, mobilizing these masses in any public movement against this dangerous policy, activating and developing media campaigns to raise awareness among world public opinion, with the aim of exposing the facts about Israel's racist regime, and the effects of Israeli annexation on Palestinian rights. In this context, international media organizations are called to allow civil society organizations to play their role in spreading the issues of the Palestinian people without distorting or ignoring them. 
  • Establishing regional and international alliances and partnerships in order to create international and regional civil mechanisms to confront the policy and annexation plan.
  • Sending delegates and specialists to the countries to all countries around the world, explaining the seriousness of the Israeli annexation, and explaining its direct impact on the Palestinian rights and its violation of the provisions of international law, refuting the Israeli side of the story, and gaining the support and sympathy of international institutions and authority.
  • Continued call for an end of the Palestinian division, which has been ongoing since 2007, the fact that the continuation of the political division is a weakening of the Palestinian political position.  The completion of the reconciliation file is one of the main pillars in tackling the annexation plan.
  • Increasing pressures on the United Nations and its institutions, and on governments and local authorities, in order to pressure the Israeli occupation to stop its annexation plan.
  • Addressing the European Union in order to support and respect its obligations under international law and its human rights standards during its dealings with Israel, in particular to demand to stop working according to the EU-Israel partnership agreement, based on Israel's serious and ongoing violations of Articles 2 and 83 of the Partnership Agreement.
  • Continuing to work with human rights organizations in order to hold the Israeli occupation accountable for its crimes against the Palestinian people, and to submit complaints to the International Criminal Court explaining Israel's new crimes related to annexation. 

The international platform "iPalestine", emphasizes on the importance of the role shuld be played by Palestinian civil society organizations in tackling the Israeli policy of annexation. Additionally, Ipalestine calls on Arab civil society organizations and the whole world to join the Palestinian organizations in confronting this colonial plan, to organize campaigns to achieve pressure for the protection of the justice system and human rights. Finally, it illustrates on the urgent need to cooperate with international institutions and human rights organizations around the world in order to develop instruments of international solidarity to support Palestinian national rights and stop the Israeli plans to which the Palestinian people are exposed among an open war waged by the occupying power to impose the fait accompli and the status quo on the Palestinians to settle their national case.