London - In these days, every year, Palestinians in various areas of their existence and their diaspora commemorate the day of the Palestinian land and their right to return to their towns and villages, where they have been forcibly evicted. This is the anniversary in which the Palestinian citizen reaffirms the nature of his unique relationship with his land.

The land is the homeland, the entity and the existence. There are no people without land to live on. Therefore, the Land Day is a milestone in the struggle history of the Palestinian people, as the day when the Palestinians declared their attachment to the land of their fathers and grandfathers and their adherence to their national identity and their right to defend their existence. In spite of the killings, terror and abuse that the Israeli occupation authorities have been carrying out against the Palestinian people, with a view to expelling them from their land and homeland.

The land is a historic homeland for the Palestinians with Jerusalem as its capital, and the Palestinian Arab people have the exclusive right to all of historic Palestine. Therefore, in the light of the right demanded by the Palestinians  what happened during the British colonialism and its occupation of Palestine between 1917 and 1948, of internal or demographic changes, illegal and contrary to international law, and that all international resolutions starting with the decision to partition Palestine, which included directly or indirectly, recognition of the consequences of The establishment of the state of the Israeli entity, the displacement of two-thirds of the Palestinian people or the June 1967 war are illegal and contrary to international law and the principles of the Charter of the United Nations, as well as the historical, religious, culture and cultural rights of the Palestinian people in its territory.

In parallel to the Palestinians ‘stand about their land, the right of return comes as a basic complement to the Palestinian concept of land and its adherence to it. It is a legitimate right, national, sacred and permanent, and is not subject to blackmail and bargaining, and no one is allowed to tamper with, compromise or renounce it. Refugees are an inalienable right and one of the entrenched rights of the Palestinian people, as the rest of human rights do not expire over time, are not subject to negotiation or waiver, nor do they fall, modify or change their meaning in any treaty or political agreement of any kind, Those who represent the Palestinians or are called to represent them, because it is a personal right,  And even if the solution is to establish an independent and sovereign Palestinian state on all of the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967 with Jerusalem as its capital, the right to return to the original homeland is permanent whether it is the solution of a state on part of a Palestinian or a Palestinian historic.

In light of the internationally guaranteed legal right of the Palestinian, reference should be made here to the UN General Assembly resolution of 194 December 1948, which affirms the right of Palestinian refugees to return and to compensation and to the collective right to return, The United Nations has confirmed this dozens of times and has dealt with the issue of refugees and return as a permanent legal and political right of the Palestinian people, not just a human or moral right, a right that does not become obsolete, no matter how long the Palestinians are prevented from returning to their homes.

Despite the importance of the UN General Assembly resolution, especially its implicit reference to the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their land as a people and not as a group of war-affected individuals, the Palestinian cannot accept any interpretation of the resolution that reduces the right of return, compensation, Land, Jerusalem and sanctities. Therefore, the Palestinian refuses to link the solution of the refugee problem to the settlement of a "solution to the conflict" and rejects any misleading sign between the victim and the executioner, and those expelled from his land forced to claim the occupation of the lies of Jewish refugees in Arab countries and others. The right of refugees to return is a natural right, not subject to Israel allowing them to return. They are not entitled to allow or not to allow, because they caused this humanitarian crime to begin with. Furthermore, the Palestinian refuses to restrict any return to only those who wish to live in peace, and therefore does not accept any legitimization of occupation over any part of the land. We also emphasize here that compensation - with return - must include all Palestinians who own public or common property and not only those who have documents about their property without procrastination, and here we consider that "Israel" is responsible for compensating the refugees.

The legitimacy of the Palestinians to return and compensation - in addition to being natural rights - stems primarily from the illegality of the ethnic cleansing practiced and had been practiced against the Palestinian people by the Zionist gangs, and that any UN resolution should not compliment or reward the occupation at the expense of the occupier and the victim. We also note here that the Permanent Document on Palestinian Rights at the Refugee Affairs Department states that Palestinian refugees, regardless of the date of their refugee or refugee status, are entitled to return to their places of origin in Palestine unconditionally and are entitled to equal compensation for their suffering and damage which damaged their property during their absence. No one has the right to waive, replace or compromise the rights of any refugee, nor for any reason, because it is an individual and collective right.

The Balfour Declaration, which Britain gave to the gangs of the Israeli occupation prior to its establishment, which the occupation regarded as a document that gives it the right and the legitimacy of existence, is a great historical crime that bears full responsibility for the suffering and displacement of the Palestinian people and its continued support for the Israeli occupation. , A crime that will hold the Palestinian people accountable for those who are legally, politically and morally involved. Moreover, the Palestinian's acquisition of any second citizenship will not deprive him of his right to return and citizenship in his homeland, Palestine, and will remain steadfast in the right of return and reject the resettlement and displacement projects and the alternative homeland.

The right of return for all refugees, displaced persons and deportees to the land of Palestine, to the cities, villages and neighborhoods in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and the occupied territories in 1948 is a fixed right. Every inch of land belongs to its owners. The Palestinian has a memory and a history that is holy to him and not excessive. And all the conspiracies and agreements that are woven in the dark, and those that diminish the right of the Palestinians to return or part of their land, are poor agreements that never came to unite or restore the right, but they come It is also intended to deepen its wounds and make it more and more ready to accept defeats.

The Palestinian people have suffered what has suffered since the Nakba and the displacement and even today, generations had witnessed  all the scenes of pain and misery and suffering, which was riddled with the blood of massacres, terrible  massacres committed by the occupation and criminal gangs, and killed tens of thousands of martyrs and wounded, and filled the prisons and detention centers of the militants and the honorable resisters, All places where the horrors of the occupation and forced displacement, and imposed racist laws to displace his people and obliterate his national affiliation and force him to raise the white flag and surrender to the will of the enemy. But the Palestinian people, after decades of occupation of their land and abuse of their rights, have broken all the equations of intimidation, discouragement and intimidation, and presented a pioneering model in the level of its attachment to its land and its crucifixion rights, and insists on returning to its land and homeland, land of parents and grandparents, no matter what the price and whatever the ordeals and challenges.

The Palestinian people will not forget and will not forgive and will not relinquish any of their rights or the rights of their future generations. The conspiracies and schemes aimed at settling the refugee issues have been destroyed and the right of return to the rock of consciousness and steadfastness of its people has been destroyed and renewed sacrifices are made for its resistance and adherence to the rights and constants of its people.

The Palestinian people discourse will continue to relate that there is no compromise or conceding a fraction of the land of Palestine. The Palestinian people will continue to adhere to all their rights on their land. The occupation plans will not succeed in changing the reality and obliterating the Palestinian monuments and sanctities that have established their long history. Immortal in mind as long as there is a Palestinian heart beating on the face of the globe.